I am Jennifer.

I am not just a photographer.  I am more.

An explorer.  A wanderer.  A dreamer with a gypsy soul. A creative.  A connection artist.  A soul seeker.

I love to travel and am blessed that my work has taken me to see some remarkable places, though I have left a piece of my heart in Iceland and must return soon to go get it.  The great outdoors has had my heart since I was a child and is where I feel most comfortable. However, when at home, an evening with good friends, laughter, campfires and acoustic guitars is music to my ears.  I love taking a trip down memory lane; wrapping myself up in the nostalgic scent of my parents photo album, their pages antiqued with time, on those cool, rainy autumn days.  I also go barefoot - a LOT - and hope won't laugh too hard at me if you catch me kicking off my sandals to feel the grass, sand or water beneath my feet.

If I am fortunate, fellow dreamers, adventurers and wandering hearts will find their way to me and will allow me the honor of documenting the next step in their own journey.  They will allow me to reflect back to them their true selves.  Their inner spirit.  Their raw, real, unguarded heart and soul.



44 Parker Street West
Meaford, Ontario
N4L 1P2