I am an observer of the world, whose glass is always half full.  I enjoy in finding humor in the small, ironic moments of each day. Genuine people who are laid back, down-to-earth and real, will completely steal my heart.  I don't do drama.  Unique adventures, the great outdoors and fulfilling experiences inspire me.  I always try to project kindness, peace and laughter in hopes that they will be returned to me ten-fold.

I produce my very best work when i am blessed to work with people who… 

  • are non-traditional in attitude, but old fashioned at heart
  • are adventurers
  • are naturally curious about the world and excited to try something different
  • love to laugh at themselves
  • swim upstream
  • love deeply, passionately and are not afraid to fall in love all over, again and again
  • are having the time of their lives writing their own story
  • can completely let themselves go, live in the moment and not give a damn what others may think
  • place a high value family and friends
  • are sentimental ol' fools
  • appreciate deep, meaningful conversations
  • know it's about the "little things" in life
  • enjoy a rainy afternoon spent with a hot cup of tea, old family albums and a lazy trip down memory lane
  • dream of their day as art, with images capturing raw, real emotion and tender moments
  • place photography as their top priority