Pembroke : Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding

Listen closely. Even the trees exhale sweet love songs that roll off their boughs and echo out to all of creation. Love is always in the air.
— Cristen Rodgers

These two star crossed lovers first met playing the lead roles in Opeongo High School's production of "Romeo and Juliet", and their wedding was no less a fairy tale.  On a warm August day, under a huge, old oak tree on her parents family farm, Jess and John were married.  Then, while the Ghost Town Cryers played on, with lights twinkling in the trees, they, their family and friends danced on into the warm, country night.

The love and pure joy that Jess, John and their families exude is contagious.  To be asked to share their day with them was a blessing.  I can honestly say being in their presence that day, seeing how crazy in love they are with one another, was something that changed me forever.  I feel honored to have been able to get to know them this past year.