The Importance of Connection


In a world built around instant gratification, information overload and being bombarded by digital stimuli 24/7, I found I wanted to get away from it all.  I NEEDED TO.  To shut it off.  To slow down.  To take time to rediscover who I am and what I enjoy.  To reconnect with my family and those I love, without all the "real world" distractions.  In doing so, I discovered I was not the only one with these desires.

Connected Sessions are a fresh, joy-filled and brand new style of photography.  Simply put, these are portraits that celebrate you, your love and your real relationships with each other or within your family dynamic.  With my Moment Design technique, I am able to easily capture raw, real emotion and natural connections.  Connected Sessions create a fulfilling experience for both my clients and myself, by merging the worlds of art and relationship in a truly unique style that hasn't previously been experienced, but one that my clients love to tell their friends about.

I decided to offer my Connected Sessions as a way to allow you to take a step away from this crazy world, even if just for an hour or two.  To help you find yourselves, to relive old memories and create new ones. To laugh out loud, to cry, to reignite your passion for one another in a way that is genuine and real, simple and honest.  The art we will create together will allow you to escape, again and again, back to a moment in time filled with laughter, tenderness and even passion.  A time where nothing else mattered. When the world existed solely to revolve around the two of you in that moment.  Being able to take time for oneself and reignite that connection is important.  No... it is VITAL.  It is key that couples to take time with each other, to listen to, to laugh with, to cherish and to rediscover the one they fell in love with.  

For my Solo Souls out there, you will love using these sessions as a chance to spoil yourselves, or to capture an important time in your life filled with your happiness, passions or interests.  Perhaps to document the start of your own journey, or to mark a new chapter in your life.  Some of you will use this experience as an important tool in inner awareness, self discovery and self appreciation. My Connected Families will discover that they will be creating memories of an afternoon filled with games, jokes and fun.  I will also slow be sure to slow it down a bit, to create some more thoughtful moments, and hope that these quiet moments may even lead to a new found appreciation and respect for each member of your little tribe.



Invest in Yourself

Connected Sessions are custom tailored to tell your individual story.  These sessions are specifically crafted to be unlike any portrait session you have ever experienced.  I enjoy working with you before your session to be able to maximize our time together.  They are a great way to celebrate your life with the ones you love.  You are given the freedom to be yourselves; to laugh and love.  My approach produces powerful works of art that reflect yourself and your unique relationship back to you.  Typically these sessions are perfect for couples, but you can share this experience with your family, a group of best friends, or anyone you love.  Anniversaries are a great opportunity to celebrate your lives together, to look back to reconnect and rediscover the reasons you fell in love.  

Being single is a perfect time to celebrate your own unique spirit.  Take time for yourself, to celebrate where you are on your own journey.  Take time to really enjoy what makes you YOU, with an Untamed Spirit Solo Session.  Contact me for special rates on these individual sessions.



Creative Retainer:    $250 (for 2 hour session)

Your retainer is non-refundable, and covers your pre-session consultation (in person or via Skype), reserves your session date and covers your 2 HOUR session time with me as well as the creative post processing of images.

Please note: Retainer does not include prints, products, or digital files.

Approximately 2 weeks after your session, we will meet for your in person Photo Viewing + Product Ordering session.  This is when you get to view your images, and will be able to select the products of your choice at that time.  payment for products is due at time of ordering session.
Payment plans are available.

Products begin at $500 for a 6X8 leather album.
Additional gift albums, wall art, prints, as well as many other products are available for purchase at a special client rate.

I am happy to extend my expertise to help you make sure your vision becomes a reality by allowing me to help you choose that perfect wall art collection that best suits your unique style and accents your home perfectly!

Please contact me via the Contact link above for a full "What to Expect" PDF and complete Product Pricing brochure.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Featured Sessions

Featured Connected sessions are being updated daily.  I am working hard to get all my 2016 sessions uploaded quickly.  Please stop by again to see more soon!